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that was so blood!

OK, i just wanna start. By saying you are amazing, and i am inviting, anybody here who would enjoy this flash movie, and other various mall goth activies, to my blood-party. We are going to watch nightmare before chrsitmas, we can listen to Good Charlotte or Simple Plan, it is you're choice fellas!
and best of all, i have 4 DDR pads, for 4 player action.

no thank you

i gave you a three because you obviously have talent. but you are seriously wasting your talent. this is suck a hot topic, lets all slit our wrists, lame movie, uhg, it was making me sick. use your obvious talent to make something worth while, change out of your black clothes, and stop the self-loathing.

AHHHHH well..

It could hav been a great film. But the voice acting was horrible. the animation was good, it was creative. But i was almost embarrased to watch it because of the voice acting. Still good tho.


this would have been funnier if it wasnt true for my windows computer as well...

good work

bright eyes; coheed, hah good work. the bright eyes fit but the coheed didnt, to distracting.

great but room for improvement

everything was great, the fight scene was kinda sketchy tho, but when the dude was building a bomb hting on the table, it looked extremely good. with some more work youll be a pro tho, keep it up.


all of its amazing i loved the little tid bit of the kid lying down with the gun, it was awesome man.

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very good but...

liked it alot, but does not live up to the other madness films, something about it, is different, too much 3D as well, i likethe traditional. thats just my 2 cents.

i can't watch this

i don't know man, theres a difference between stick figures and this, it kinda makes me sick, i dont like it, i mean granted its an excelent flash, use your talent on something else.

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